Minister Micah Hood

Worship Ministry

Pastors Connie & Lita Libao

Assistant Pastor

Christine Conanan

Admin Assistant

Gary & Celeste DeLuze

Men's & Womens Ministry, Porter Ministry

Lovey Denis

Hospitality Ministry

Minister Jethro Tapulgo

Worship Ministry

Heidi & Jesse Ervin

Dance Ministry and Ministry to the Homeless

Pastor Barry Naone

Assistant Pastor

Ministers Greg & Emily Lopez

Worship and Prayer Ministry

Apostles Greg & Joan Hood

Sr. Ministers

Bernadette Sobrepena

Food Pantry Ministry

Pastor Ricky Amous

Assistant Pastor

Leia Duenas

Prayer Ministry

Life Church Leadership and Team Members

Brid & Sara Pruitt

Royal Rangers and Missionetts

Ministers Larry & Kyra Santos

Children, Youth & Media Ministry